Tanner Pfeiffer

Tanner Pfeiffer is a culture crafter and sound syncretist working at the intersection of community studies, semiotics, pedagogy, and sociolinguistics. Current research areas include polystylistic performance, minority languages of Spain, viola-voice acoustic interactions, queer community building, and spiritual semiosis.

Tanner has performed as a vocalist, violist, and Baroque violist at venues such as Walt Disney Concert Hall, REDCAT, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, The International Quilt Study Center and Museum, Coaxial Arts, As It Stands, and Beta Level. Conducting engagements have included the California Philharmonic, the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, The Isaura String Quartet, The Ensemble @ CalArts, CAP Chamber Music Ensembles, CalArts Opera, music theater premieres, and numerous ad hoc vocal and instrumental ensembles. Tanner has premiered 90 new works since 2014.

Tanner is the executive and artistic director of cutting edge, vocal-forward ensemble Chordas Collective. Tanner holds degrees from CalArts (MFA, Performer-Composer) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (BA, Viola Performance; BA, Mathematics).

Vital Statistics

  • Vocalist – Baritone
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Music Direction
  • He/She/They
  • Queer

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