Daphne Michele Joyce

Daphne Joyce is an autistic trans woman who grew up in rural limestone county, Texas. She is a classical guitarist and singer/songwriter, drawing from her lived experiences to compose her music and lyrics. Embracing queerness and finding joy even in the difficult circumstances of life are recurring themes throughout her work, painted against the backdrop places life has taken her.

Her work is heavily influenced by folk, country, jazz, math/prog rock, and classical music. Influences to her playing and lyrical style include Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Roland Dyens, American football, and Blaze Foley.

Her first experiences with music were singing in church and piano lessons as a child. She would soon begin to teach herself guitar, and fell deeply in love with the instrument. Ever since coming out as a trans woman and being disowned by her former family, her life became exceedingly tumultuous, navigating homelessness and instability in Texas, North Dakota, and Louisiana.

After fleeing an abusive marriage in Louisiana, she found her way westward to relative safety in Los Angeles. Despite being unhoused and disabled, she was able to build a support network of chosen family and has continued to perform, practice, and develop her art.

Vital Statistics

  • Vocalist – True Bass/Baritone
  • Instrumentalist – guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo
  • Non-Union
  • She/Her/Fae/Faer
  • Transgender Woman


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