Ann Thomas

Ann is second generation transgender, currently an actress, singer, talent manager, and producer. 

Ann was trained in piano, banjo, and violin by top music teachers, as her mother was a classically trained pianist and piano teacher.  She discovered she also had the ability to compose for full orchestra, and created a small indie record label in the 1990’s, which produced about 10 CDs and was carried on two international dance music distribution companies.  She was also a guest artist on a couple of other labels, plus was commissioned to do a fully orchestrated piece for a dance club at MIT in Boston, that was used as a graduation song for a couple of decades.

Ann is the founder of Transgender Talent, LLC. Founded May of 2015 to provide a safe place for transgender actors to be managed, and to provide a focal point for the film and tv industry to go to when seeking transgender actors.  She also helped form a nonprofit transgender choir in 2015, and performed at many gigs singing bass, plus appeared in several music videos. She left that group in early 2020.

Ann expanded Transgender Talent in mid 2020 to include a new music division, which is being marketed under the name of Key Change Ensemble (trademark pending).

Vital Statistics

Vocalist – Bass
She/Her/Hers pronouns
Transgender woman


Profiles and Social Media

IMDb profile: Ann Thomas (XI)
Instagram: ann_thomas62
LinkedIn: Ann Thomas