Rizi Timane

Rizi Xavier Timane is a female to male Transgender singer, Actor and licensed psychotherapist. He was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa and wrote his first song at age 6. 

By age 9, Rizi joined his school choir, performing gospel music until the age of 16. Once he left school, Rizi found himself drawn to several music genres, spanning Pop, House, EDM, and Hip Hop. 

Regardless of genre, a common theme in Rizi’s music is that all his songs feature positive lyrics that encourage the LGBTQI community to live their lives authentically no matter what. 

Rizi has released 5 musical albums and more than 10 singles to date. He has performed his music live at over 40 LGBTQI pride festivals and LGBTQI events (including affirming churches) both in the USA and Europe. Two of his singles, “Love is all we need”, and “Feels good to be Free”, are viral on YouTube. 

In 2019, Rizi was awarded the city of Los Angeles Trans Visibility Award for his musical activism whereby he donates a portion of sales from his music to pay for gender confirming surgeries for trans people nationwide who need it but can’t afford it.

Vital Statistics

  • Vocalist – Tenor
  • Song writer
  • He/Him/His pronouns
  • Transgender Man

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