Crystal Stull

Crystal began singing and performing since before she could even read. She first officially started learning and studying music at age 6 and began performing professionally at age 8. She’s performed with countless choirs, been part of film, tv, and stage productions in various roles, and has performed various genres of music including but not limited to Pop, Opera, Classical, Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Hard Rock. She is classically trained in piano and voice and graduated with Honors with a Degree in Voice/Vocal Performance, as well as a Degree in Audio/Recording Engineering/Post Production, from Musicians Institute.

She has had countless years of training and has professional experience in various areas of entertainment and associated technology including but not limited to-Film/TV Acting, Stage, Voice Acting, Improv, Modeling, Dancing, Audio/Recording Engineering, Audio Post-Production, Music Production, Sound FX Design, Foley, ADR, Vocal Production, Neve and SSL Consoles, HD CamOp, A2, Camera Assist, TV Production, Assistant Directing, Technical Directing, Songwriting, Film and TV Composition and Scoring, and more.

Crystal has been part of numerous large scale productions in various roles; some noteworthy examples-The Washington National Opera/The Kennedy Center, NBC Universal, Revry, CNN, Comedy Central, Hallmark, Charvision, Pantene, Proctor & Gamble, VR Productions, Hulu, HBO and Studied Privately for many years with Seth Riggs and Dave Stroud with SLS Voice.

Crystal has received a number of awards and recognitions since a young age, but that doesn’t come as a surprise if you just see and hear her work. She also plays Keytar, is a Pro-Gamer, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of mainstream Comic Books as well, so honestly; who knows what else Crystal can do, if she simply puts her mind to it.

Crystal has a fire within her that drives her to do it all, even sometimes at the expense of her health. When given a task or given opportunities that strike a chord within her, you can bet Crystal is going to reach your expectations and more. She has a will to achieve her goals and will Never stop pushing to be a better version of who she is. Her mission is to break the limits and to effectuate that which has not been done by any other before.

Vital Statistics

  • Vocalist – Tenor/Alto
  • Instrumentalist – Keyboard/Piano/Keytar
  • She/Her/Hers pronouns
  • Transgender Woman


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